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Lindsay Foster,
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Grandborough Parish Council meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of ‘odd’ months, except January and November when it is the second Tuesday.  All meetings are held in the Village Hall, start at 7:45pm, and are open to the public.

Forthcoming dates are:
4th January 2022
1st March 2022

3rd May 2022
5th July 2022

6thSeptember 2022
1st November 2022






Tuesday 31st  May 2022,  7.30 pm approximately



Members of public allowed to speak on items on the agenda before the meeting commences




Lindsay Foster 17th May 2022




  1. Present


  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman and signature of acceptance of office.


  1. Declaration of Interests


  1. To approve co-option


  1. Minutes of Meeting held 1st March 2022


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes to include:


  1. Highways 
  1. Potholes Grandborough Fields


  1. To approve Trustees of Village Hall for period of 3 years


  1. Planning
    1. To discuss and approve listing Shoulder of Mutton as community asset
  2. Lighting
    1. Streetlighting faults reported
  3. Accounts
  1. To approve section 1 of Annual Governance Statement
  2. To note internal Audit statement
  3. To approve section 2 accounting statements
  4. To approve exemption certificate.                                                  
  5. Authorise payment of:


Clerk Salary April          Standing Order

Clerk Salary May           Standing Order

R Lee                            Chq 952                                    £404.16             reimbursement defibrillator

R Lee                            Chq 953                                    £104.90             reimbursement goalposts

HMRC                           Chq 954                                    £****

WS Gardens                 Chq 955                                    £48

WS Gardens                 Chq 956                                    £72

WALC                           Chq 957                                    £192



  1. First half year payment of Precept received, £3150.00
  2. Bank balance stands at £11505.12
  3. To approve asset register
  4. Annual review of Clerks’ salary – to be discussed in private, at the end of the meeting.




11. Date of Next Meeting - Tuesday 5th July 2022, at 7.30 pm, in Village Hall. 



      12.  Due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed, i.e. the Clerks salary,

      the public and Clerk will be asked to withdraw from the meeting clerk will leave the virtual room.


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If you wish to place an item on the agenda, please write to the Clerk, no later than ten working days before the meeting.  The Council is not allowed to discuss items not on the agenda.  All matters for the attention of the Parish Council should be addressed to the Clerk.

You will need Adobe Reader to view Previous Minutes. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, please click here to download

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